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Старый 05.10.2011, 15:35   #1
Angry Имиджи

This image has been used with or 1.35a CCcam 2.2.1 and Mgcamd.

Keys need to take to file in the var-keys.

A current file 2 KEYS is the message ...

** Take Before installing your backup definitely.!

** New bootlogo used.

** Radio and scan logos changed.

** This image was also used in skins:

darkpli_8, and the Gemini Army mediapli_8 Speed
editlendi skins by me ...

** Gemini Army Speed
** darkpli_8
** mediapli_8

** LANGUAGES: Turkish, Ingilizce, German, French, Italian
Russian, Roman, is available in Holland ...
(Other languages ??can be downloaded from the addons)

** integrated with CCcam 2.2.1.

** Mgcamd integrated 1.35a

** Mgcamd info is integrated.

** Ecminfo integrated.

** Server information special menu

** Werbezapper integrated.
(Werbezapper'i setting between 1 and 9 min, by
automatically return to watching the channel ...)

** Movieplayer integrated.

Teletext ** is available.

** Applications used in many satellite satellite xml.

** The channels can be done side by side with the help key.

** Occupancy rate is 25% ...

** ONLY DREAM UP, upload ..!!!

NOTE: Those who want and build before the 2 with Flashwizard
yi yi install and then the noble image in the message image
flashwizard still load it with ...

--- Image has been tested and given to the forum.
--- However, the responsibility belongs downloaded.

** After installation, there Cccam.cfg backup / etc get out of
Make your adjustments need to install the LNB and channel list.

Before installing your backup Take necessarily ...

(backups all the time; CCcam cfg, Channel list
Take separately and as a backup.)
Тип файла: rar OpenPLi-Turko v10 DM500_Army Speed_By meteor.rar‎ (5.86 Мб, 37 просмотров)
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Старый 07.10.2011, 16:27   #2
Angry Re: Имиджи GEMİNİ 4.20 NoTimeBomp DM500 CCcam 2.2.1 BARON* özel backup 01/10

The Gemini Project 4.70 DM500 MaxVar

Gemini v4.7:

Technical Infos:
* Enigma of: 19.12.2009
* GCC 3.4.4 Original CVS
* Web Interface: 6.0.4-Expert
* Busybox 1.01
* Tuxtxt V1.104
* CIFS 1.44

* BLUE - Blue Panel (BP)
* 2x BLUE - BP -> Extras/Settings
* YELLOW - Quick-Button (can be configured via BP)
* RED - EPG list for active channel
* 2x RED - EPG style menu
* GREEN - subservices

* own Addon-Server via Internet, many addons with preview
* Retreiving additional functions via internet from the Gemini-Server and install them automatically
* Personal Addon-Server can be used (configuration via /var/etc/useraddon.xml)
* Create your own Satellites.xml, which only contains the Satellites you really need
* Manual installation or deinstallation of addons

* Different Camd´s can be linked to channels/provider (Autocam)
* Changing the name and settings with a menu of its own
* Possibility of establishing a second socket (/tmp/cam1.socket)

Daemon / Server / Clients:
* Automatic test whether the box is connected with the internet or not (To be shown in the infobar)
* Dropbear (SSH) can be set on and off (DM500 - DM7000: Standard->off)
* Added editor to configure the cron-daemon
* Little Apache (HTTP-Server based on HTTPD)
* Upnp Client and Server (for DM500/56x0 must be installed from Gemini-Server as addon)
* Inadyn (Daemon for different DYNDNS-Services)
* Settings for syslogd
* Dreambox can be used as printserver (BP->Extras/Settings->Printer (LPD), FAQ can be found in the database
* Automount, for examples have a look at: /var/etc/automount.conf. Devices, NFS or CIFS will be automatically mounted. Perfect for DVD- or Net-Drives (Editor can be found in the BP)
* NFS-Server (based on the NFS-Kernel-Modules, not for DM500, DM500+ and DM56xx)

Infobar / OSD / Skin / Background-Pictures:
* Position of the Infobar can be changed without editing the skin files
* Provider, Frequencies, Symbolrate and FEC can be displayed in the Infobar (If the Skins supports this function)
* Display of EMM, ECM or "Expertinfos" are adjustable
* Picon (displaying the Channel-Logo)
* Extensions for Skins (Thumbnails, 3D-Font, Pictures for Progressbar)
* Background picture can be turned off (Plasma - Fix)
* Backgroundpictures (Radio- and File Mode) can be used as Screensaver.
* Changing Bootlogo via menu ( 7020 only)
* Backgroundpictures and Bootlogos can be created, testet and used direct on the Box (out of JPG, BMP, GIF or PNG)
* Showing Onlinestatus when the Box is connected to the Internet (must be activated in Expert Menu -> Network)
* Moved Gemini events (Ripper, Calendar, email-Checker) from BluePanel Menu into the infobar (eLabel-Name = geminievent)

Files / Devices
* Support for CD-ROM/DVD-drives ,regardless of using IDE or USB
* Random function for all kind of soundfiles
* Backup function
* Two new root entries for music and pictures can be created in the filemenu (BP->Extras/Settings->Root-Entry)
* Support of the bigger remote on 500 and 500+ (normaly shipped with 70XX/600pvr - activate on BP->Extras/Settings)
* Support for FLAC, OGG/Vorbis and WAV (please install codecs in the BP)
* Functions for SWAP (virtual memory). Create, delete, size and location.
* Device-Manager for HDD / DVD / CF / USB
* Drivers for USB-Cardreaders are now included in the Image but are not loaded automatically!

* additional functions (e.g. dishnetwork, cache, location)
* search all channels for an event or an own string. Timers can be added immediatly (Press "Menu" in the epg or use use BP -> extras -> EPG-Refresh)
* Infos of the recorded movies can be shown without starting the movie
* refresh EPG using the enigma-timer (BP -> extras - EPG-Refresh)
* autosave for EPG-cache ( BP -> Extras/Settings -> EPG-Settings)
* Duration of current event in the programm overview ( Menu -> Info -> EPG)
* general information about the EPG Data (BP -> Info-> EPG-Settings)
* a time period for the EPG Data can now be defined (BP -> Extras/Settings -> EPG-Settings)

* Dreamnetcast (shoutcast-player) with Streamripper (direct recording from server and coding into mp3´s) (for DM500/56x0 must be installed from Gemini-Server)
* RSS und Weather Plugin (for DM500/56x0/7000 must be installed from Gemini-Server)
* System Info: Many extra box infos like HDD temprature, stream-rates (>=7000) or kernel-, memory- and prozessinfos.
* Own scripts can be started via Blue Panel
* Changing the recording parameters (extra before- and after- recording time, storage location and recover-function for your records)
* change the settings for recording (before Time, after-recording time,, location and recover-function)
* Create your own satellites.xml including only the satellites you really need.
* Quick-Button-Menu: Many extra features for the yellow button (e.g permanent clock in OSD, freeze Image, audio selection)
* alarm-clock with volume offset playing own WAV-Files
* Calendar for iCalendar format + reminder ( Supported by MAC, KDE, Thunderbird, Goole calander, Rainlendar...). Standard folder is /var/etc/ical (for DM500/56x0 must be installed from Gemini-Server)
* Support for DreamDVD no matter wether a DVD-Drive is available or not
* New screenshot routines (have a look at the Webif)
* eTorrent - a torrent client based on ctorrent. Can be managed completly over the OSD (for DM500/56x0/7000 must be installed from Gemini-Server)
* disable the TV - output while taking a recording, streaming a movie and manually (usefull for boxes with very low lan-speed)
* update system time via transponder or internet ( Protocol RFC868 )
* eMail-Checker extended with SSL support (Overview of your POP3 or IMAP accounts)
* create password using the BP (BP -> Extras -> Pwassword)
* rotate al kind of pictures. Also automatic rotation using EXIF (must be activeted using the menu)
* Re-Zapp, zapps after X-minutes to the actual Channel (BP -> Re-Zapp)
* Displays, wether the box is an original one or not (using MAC adress, BP -> System -> Dreambox -> Manufacturer)
* the Jukebox, Please install as addon.

* records into different folders ( the settings have to be done in the Timer-Menu)
* LED´s are flashing during record (Boxes without display). Must be set in BP -> Extra -> Record
* import of recorded movies every time you enter the Video-Menu or only once when the Box ist starting (BP -> Extras -> Record)
* Records can now be done in the new Eniga2 format (***** files) or as usal as "recordings.epl" (BP -> Extras -> Record)

* USB-Cardreaders can be activeted over the menu (BP->Extra->USB-CardReader
* With the variables "show_gemini_server" and "show_camd_plugins" the addondownload and the server can be influenced (/var/etc/Gemini.conf)

Fix + update:
* After- and Prerun at records increased to 20 minutes
* after a backup-restore the datas are available immediately, eg. bouquets
* Crash at web-access to PMT-Pid without a valid PAT
* Flickering of the popup "Channel change: Service not found"
* Prevent the popup "Channel change: Service not found" while the rotor is moving
* have a look at the CVSWe'd like to thank everybody who participated in the "Gemini suggestion" thread. Unfortunatly many things can not be realized by us, but must be developed by the CVS-Team
This images doesn't contain any keys or softcams. Backups or other modified Images are not released by and won't be supported in any way!!!

Gemini Images may only be used on receivers of the manufacturer Dream-Multimedia-TV.
The use of this Image is on your own risk.

If you don't install the Image in flash memory, the flash image shouldn't be of a old version. A swap file/partition (>= 16MB) should be present
if several processes running in background. We take no responsibility for direct or indirect damages!

Thanks a lot and have fun
Your Gemini-Team
MaxVar Image!
Only running in flash (it has been only tested that way). Please do only use DreamUp and don´t forget the flash erase. Do not use other tools like FW or DCC.
Тип файла: rar Gemini_0470_DM500_max_var_12122009.rar‎ (4.92 Мб, 76 просмотров)
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Получено 2 "Спасибо" для marek111 от:
kindza (13.02.2012), stasis (26.03.2013)
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Старый 26.05.2014, 15:21   #7
По умолчанию Re:GEMINI SUPER 470 V2


CCAM 214
Тип файла: rar GEMINI MAGGY SUPER.rar‎ (6.98 Мб, 23 просмотров)
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Старый 26.05.2014, 15:23   #8
Angry Re: BackUP_DM500_EDG-Nemesis-4.4_Cccam_2.3.0_By dreamer1983.fw2

BackUP_DM500_EDG-Nemesis-4.4_Cccam_2.3.0_By dreamer1983.fw2
For Original & Clone DM500 S
Installet latest version Cccam 2.3.0
Installet latest softcam.key
Please flash this image with flashwizard_6.3
Тип файла: rar BackUP_DM500_EDG-Nemesis-4.4_Cccam_2.3.0_By dreamer1983.fw2.rar‎ (5.71 Мб, 20 просмотров)
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Старый 26.05.2014, 15:30   #9
Angry Re: Gemini E1 GP v4.70 No Time Bomb! BackUp by SATmax

Gemini E1 GP v4.70 No Time Bomb! BackUp by SATmax


** VAŽNO: **

BackUP Image je radjen sa DreamUP v1.2.2.0 i preporuka sa istim unositi u prijemnik. Za sve nastale štete prilikom nepravilnog unosaili unosa sa drugim aplikacijam ne odgovaram! BackUP unosite u vaš prijemnik i koristite isključivo na vašu osobnu odgovornost !

-- Verzija Image:

Gemini E1 GP v4.70 No Time Bomb! BackUp by SATmax - DIGITAL TV
Kernel: Linux 2.6.9
Realase: 0470

-- Podržani sateliti ( ubačen novi satelites.xml od 28.04.2012 ):

Sateliti 42.0E - 30.0W ( motor settings )

-- Skin:

Black Aero P/2 by MX - default
Gemini Blueline

-- Emulator:

CCcam v2.3.0 Complete
( Obrisani CCcam / OsCam i CCcam NewCamd )

-- CCcam.cfg:

Ubačena datoteka CCcam.cfg i izbrisati sadržaj iz iste i unijeti liniju/e.

-- Ključevi:

Izbrisani Softcam.keys Po potrebi ubaciti u mapu var/keys

-- Podržani jezici:

Hrvatski - default

-- Lista programa:

Motor settings 42.0E - 30.0W by ciefp - 20.04.2013. godine

Po potrebi listu uredjivati ili izmjeniti - Lista od 20.04.2013. godine.

-- Plugins:

ECM info - Informacije o odzivu kartice/a.
Sat finder - Pokazivač signala sa transpondera.
Teletekst - Teletekst programa za programe koji ga podržavaju.
E1 Ex YU vremenska prognoza - Prikaz vremenske prognoze za sve veće Ex YU gradove.
Easy Logo E1 v1.2 - Promijena Bootlogo-a po želji i potrebi.

-- Extras:

Ubačen novi useraddons sa 6 download servera za direktan download na prijemnik emulatora, skinova, lista, pluginsa, ...
Grab datoteka - Za pravljenje screenshot-ova preko Webinterface-a.

************************************************** **************************

-- Slobodna memorija prijemnika:

Zauzeće /var memorije prijemnika 66% ( slobodno 34% )

************************************************** ***************************


- Ukoliko vam router ne dodijeli IP adresu prijemniku potrebno je označiti DHCP, aktiviraj mreži i kliknuti na pohrani !

- Ukoliko vam se ne pokrene odmah EMU potrebno ga je aktivirati klikom na OK.

- Nije poželjno instalacija dodatnih plugina zbog zauzeća radne memorije i same stabilnosti rada prijemnika.

- Ukoliko imate fiksnu satelitsku konfiguraciju preko jednog, dva ili više LNB-ova preko diseqC sklopke potrebno je napraviti slijedeće:

Menu -- Postavke -- Pretraživanje usluga -- Konfiguracija satelita -- OK -- Iz padajućeg izbornika odabrati vašu satelitsku konfiguraciju i označiti je daljinskim upravljačem -- Potvrditi sa OK.
Postaviti satelite po diseqC sklopci i kliknuti na pohrani.
Ubaciti listu programa sa Dreamset ili DreamBox Edit alatom za tu satelitsku konfiguraciju.

Sve vaše komentare, prijedloge i pohvale možete proslijediti na MSN ili Skype kontakte iz profila.

Screenshot-ovi BackUp Image-a by SATmax - DIGITAL TV
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Старый 20.06.2015, 15:51   #10
По умолчанию Re: Имиджи

От MIC71

Проверяйте Бекап имиджа Opli для 500s,Tuxbox907-908, с УА Просканирован только 36е Загрузка резервной копии имиджа в Dreambox через Serial COM-Port (RS-232)

1. Отключаем питание ресивера и соединяем его с компьютером при помощью нульмодемного кабеля.
2. На компьютере запускаем утилиту “Universal DreamUp”, выбираем соединение через COM-Port, убираем галку с чекбокса "Use Network" (если таковая там имеется) и нажимаем кнопку “Connect”.
3. Включаем питание ресивера и наблюдаем за набором шкалы (Progress). Если этого не приоисходит, значит утилита не может увидеть ваш ресивер. Причин может быть много: неправильно указан COM-Port в самой утилите, неисправен COM-Port на компьютере (либо USB-to-COM адаптер) и т.д.
4. Нажимаем кнопку “Flash” и выбираем резервную копию имиджа для загрузки (например, backup1.img).
5. На вопрос утилиты о необходимости сброса имиджа на заводские установки после прошивки “Perform a flash-erase during the process?” отвечаем (жмем) NO!
6. Далее ничего не трогаем и ждем окончания процесса, пока не появится окно “Box was flashed successfully”. Это означает, что загрузка прошла успешно, жмем ОК.
7. Далее в утилите нажимаем на “Disconnect”, а затем и "Exit".
8. Выключаем и включаем питание ресивера. Первая загрузка имиджа идет около минуты, дальше при необходимости вносим изменения в настройки имиджа (конфигурация спутников, сети и т.д.).
Тип файла: rar Opli-image_dm500s_tk_au.rar‎ (5.48 Мб, 40 просмотров)
Тип файла: zip DreamUP v1.3.3.7.zip‎ (894.4 Кб, 25 просмотров)

Последний раз редактировалось sergio_st; 20.06.2015 в 15:59.
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Получено 5 "Спасибо" для sergio_st от:
alexbabayan (26.09.2015), Alexis5555 (27.11.2015), ddv122 (20.06.2015), ervin (13.07.2015), voxaxxx (26.11.2015)
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