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Старый 18.06.2019, 22:36   #1
Talking about uclan Denys H.265

hi all,

At my place a few days ago i was having a problem with electric power (Lightning/thunder), and some electronics from my house are dead(i want to repair myself some, some with guarantee), anyway, i have Denys H.265 dead, nothing showing... can anyone help me to investigate ??

thank you
p.s. i use a new good adapter 12V 2A (and i don't know rusian language)
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Старый 20.06.2019, 18:18   #3
По умолчанию Re: uclan Denys H.265 dead

You probably failed HDMI output, you in Romania may not be a repair service, ask, it may be easier to buy a new receiver than to restore the old one.
Probabil că ați defectat ieșirea HDMI, în România nu puteți avea un serviciu de reparații, întrebați, poate fi mai ușor să cumpărați un receptor nou decât să restaurați unul vechi.
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Старый 03.09.2019, 16:29   #4
Talking Re: Denys и DVB пиконы/лого каналов (picons/logos)

Сообщение от Sunplus Посмотреть сообщение
Невозможно, как и для DVBT каналов
Hi everyone, I follow your forum a lot in the part dedicated to the denys 265 combo.
For some time I have been trying to solve the problem of the picon for DVBT / 2.

This lack of power to add picons of the terrestrial channels is a serious gap and I would appreciate it possible to pray to the developers to add a routine of recalling the terrestrial picons.

Is there a part of the forum where we propose to the developers to insert new features and options?

Thank you

Последний раз редактировалось credo; 03.09.2019 в 18:34.
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Старый 03.09.2019, 17:30   #5

FIRMWARE: 1.0.50


Hi everyone, I follow your forum a lot in the part dedicated to the denys 265 combo.

I wanted to point out that currently with various firmware that I have tested (from 72 onwards) there is a serious bug that does not allow the display of some IPTV channels encoded with 20fps and with variable bitrate.

I noticed this problem for about 2 weeks when I saw that only these 20fps channels crash my uclan denys h265 pro combo with firmware 1.0.50.

I analyzed with vlc the channel flows that I see well with the channel flows that I can't see.

The only difference is in the number of frames per second.

channels encoded with 20fpps have this problem.

Initially black screen.
After about 20 seconds, only audio is heard.
After a variable time that even reaches the minute the video also appears.
When the video appears it starts being jerky.
The audio is in desync as there is a minute difference between the video and the audio.

It is impossible to continue viewing the channel as many freezes and audio desync do not allow you to enjoy the view peacefully.

I tried the same streams on other platforms and other decoders.
With this result.

Vlc on computer the 20fps flow is ok.
Android is ok
Enigma 2 is ok

Some andorid version 5 have the same problem as the denys.
All decoders with ALI chipsets have the same problem as the denys.

I urgently need to resolve this serious bug in a very short time.

I am available to provide other information.

Keep in mind that I tested the denys in its various apps

But I realized that the player is the same.
It could be a problem to insert new codecs or set those already contained in the firmware.

I rely on your knowledge.

I await your feedback


Последний раз редактировалось credo; 03.09.2019 в 18:34.
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Старый 03.09.2019, 17:35   #6
По умолчанию Re: Как Вы попали на наш форум?

FIRMWARE: 1.0.50

Hi everyone, I hope someone has read me a virgin.

I would have 2 requests to send, I think it's important enough for a good device design.

If we look at where the market is headed now, it should be included in the next firmware
as is available on many other devices (such as E2, Android, Smart TV, etc.).
Many PLEX SERVER are being developed and it would be fun to have a client in our Denys.

Using the OPT key to hide services and relative folders in WebTV / Cinema so you don't have to scroll through all the different folders of services that are not of interest to the user.

Finally, I request another user of this forum who previously requested to embed the native youtube program as Android qulladi.

I hope for quick solutions.
See you soon

from the parent company forum and inside the decoder I saw a link to this forum, interesting, interesting if support can be internationalized

Последний раз редактировалось credo; 03.09.2019 в 18:33. Причина: topic for english
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Получено 1 "Спасибо" для CIPTV от:
ser1944a (04.09.2019)
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